Backend Developer, Python

You've build non-trivial backend systems and have a good understanding of SQL databases and message queues. Experience of payment handling systems is a huge plus. Familiarity of Python is mandatory, as parts of our backend is written in Python, but modular design of our backend allows us to use other languages as well.

Mobile Developer, Android or iOS (Swift)

You can be either a senior or junior mobile app developer, but you are passionate about making functional apps. You can demonstrate a great command of programming skills, even if you are not yet an expert of iOS, Android or Swift.

User interface designer

We are looking for an experienced user interface designer. You have designed interfaces for production services that solve real problems. You have ability to bring clarity to complex interaction flows. You know mobile interaction patterns well. You have good enough visual design skills that you can take responsibility of visual direction of the Flancer app and can guide pure visual designers when needed.

All positions

Cultural fit is important to us. We do serious stuff, but we laugh a lot. We hope you enjoy joking and laughing like we do.

We are a startup. That means that work is sometimes intense and things will get chaotic from time to time and you need to be able to function in many roles. We hope you enjoy learning and growing to the roles that are outside of your comfort zone.